Flora: Anthurium Friedrichstahlii

(Anthurium Friedrichstahlii)
Epiphytic Plant
Lighting: Partial Shade
Water: Moderate, but well drainage
Humidity: Prefers high humidity
Native to: Central and Southern American Rainforests

Anthurium Friedrichsthalii is an interesting new addition that I cannot wait to incorporate into my chameleon enclosures. I am torn, as this plant is absolutely beautiful on its own.

Anthurium Friedrichsthalii can be found within the wet, tropical forests of Central and South America, growing from Panama south to Columbia.  It is often found growing epiphytically, with roots barely gripping tree bark and limbs.

I purchased my plant from NSE Tropicals, and I could not be more excited to add it to my collection.  Of the dozen or so new plants species I have purchased this year, this one is by far my favorite.  I plan to mount it epiphytically in an enclosure, but I may just need to pick up a second plant for my bookshelf!

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