Fauna: Armadillidium Gestroi


Armadillidium Gestroi

Native to: Europe

Environment: Woodland areas, under decaying hardwood and rock.

Eats: Decaying matter such as leaves, fallen wood, dead animals/insects.

Sexing: Female A. Gestroi develop a light grey skirt as they mature. Isopods can be sexed by examining their undersides.

Life Cycle:


Nutritional Information: Exact nutritional information is not available for isopods.

Care Recommendations: A small, ventilated storage container with several inches of soil, leaf litter, and cork bark make for a suitable enclosure.  One side or corner of the enclosure should be kept moist.  Adding a pile of sphagnum moss and extra leaf litter to that corner will assist in keeping humidity up.  Another side or corner should be kept relatively dry with just an occasional light misting, allowing the isopods to regulate their own temperature and humidity needs.  Armadillidium species tend to prefer the drier corners of their enclosures.  A large piece of cork bark should be provided, as this species likes to hide under and burrow into the soft bark. 

A small piece of cuttlebone should be left in the enclosure as an additional source of calcium.  Small amounts of food should be offered once or twice per week, but remove uneaten food before it is given a chance to encourage mold and attract mites and gnats.  I prefer to rotate Repashy’s Bug Burger and Aracadia Custodian Food in addition to a small slice of carrot.  An additional water source is not needed, isopods will get their moisture from biweekly misting and their food.


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