Rattlesnake Calathea

(Calathea Lancifolia)
Terrestrial Plant
Lighting: Low to medium light
Water: Allow the plant to dry out a bit between waterings
Humidity: Enjoys mild to moderate humidity
Native to: Central and South America
Toxicity: Non-toxic

Calathea may very well be my favorite genus of plants.  They have such unique coloration and patterning, unlike any other house plant that I’ve seen. 

Calathea Lancifolia, or Rattlesnake Calathea, is a striking and dramatic, yet easy-to-care-for house plant.  The plant sports intricately patterned leaves with a unique palette of burgandy, plum, and green.  By night, the plant leaves become more upright, like hands coming together in prayer, giving Calatheas the nickname of “prayer plants.”

This plant does well in low light. I have several Calatheas in my bedroom, with them placed about 6 feet from a northwest facing window. Most plants would struggle with the lower levels of light in this room, but my Calatheas don’t seem to mind one bit!

When it comes to watering, this plant likes to dry out slightly. Stick your finger in the soil to ensure the top 1-2″ are dry before watering.

I picked up this specimen online from Woodie’s Garden Goods Direct, which happens to be relatively local! They had great prices and 5 out of the 5 plants I ordered from here arrived in stellar shape and fuller than I expected. Shipping is usually free on orders over $99.

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