Flora: Huperzia Hamiltonii

(Huperzia Hamiltonii)

AKA: Tassel Fern / Club Moss

Epiphytic Plant

Huperzia Hamiltonii

Lighting: Medium to medium-bright light, avoid full sun

Water: Moderately high water needs; daily misting and watering during warmer months, especially for those planted epiphytically.

Substrate: Requires excellent drainage and aeration, but also some level of moisture retention. A mix of epiphytic substrate options such as sphagnum moss, coir, charcoal, bark, and wood chips can help to maintain the delicate balance between moisture and drainage. Plants mounted epiphytically can still benefit from being wrapped within these materials.

Humidity: Prefers moderate to high humidity

Native to: Himilayas, now established throughout southeast Asia.

Toxicity: Unknown. Some Huperzia species have been used in Chinese Herbal treatments, however, the FDA has found that long term exposure to those supplements can cause liver damage. It is unclear how much of this finding is directly attributed to Huperzia.

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